Choosing an Air Conditioning System for a Large Space

Choosing an Air Conditioning System for a Large Space
11th November 2020 Fujitsu News
Choosing an Air Conditioning System for a Large Space

Are you looking to choose an air conditioning system that is energy efficient and suitable for a large space? If your area averages between 50m2 – 60m2, then it would pay you to consider purchasing a higher capacity unit instead of 2 smaller units.

Having 1 higher capacity unit is often the more cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution when it comes to large spaces. It also saves on space as you will only require one indoor and one outdoor unit and less piping than if you were to install 2 small units. The 30 and 36 BTU units can distribute air very well to regulate temperature throughout the entire space.

Having one higher capacity air conditioning unit leads to savings on:

  • Energy consumption
  • Maintenance costs
  • Copper and installation costs
  • Indoor and outdoor space

Choosing the right BTU

It is very important to make sure the AC unit is the right BTU rating for the space. (BTU stands for ‘British Thermal Units’ and is the measurement used to indicate the air conditioner’s capacity.)

If the BTU rating is too low, the unit will be forced to work harder to cool the space, which leads to high energy consumption and costs. On the other hand, if the BTU rating is higher than needed, it may switch on and off on a regular basis which also leads to a waste of energy and unnecessary costs. You can read more about tips on choosing the right A/C unit for your space here.

The best solution for a larger space

Fujitsu wall-mounted air conditioning units go all the way up to 30,000 BTU and 36,000 BTU. The higher capacity air-conditioning units are suitable for open-plan spaces or commercial areas that average between 50m2 – 60m2 including:

  • Open-plan home spaces
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Corporate offices
  • Waiting rooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Small assembly areas
  • Canteens/Dining areas
  • Large server rooms
  • Restaurants
  • Gymnasiums
  • Lecture halls

Apart from being available in high BTU ratings, Fujitsu air conditioners are Euro-vent certified. This means that your air-conditioning unit will require the least maintenance possible due to the fact that it is certified to the highest industry standards. Read more about it here.

Making your choice

At ABLE Ltd, our Fujitsu air conditioning systems are all Euro-vent certified. We also offer installations, maintenance agreements and servicing.

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