5 Reasons to Choose a VRF System for Climate Control

5 Reasons to Choose a VRF System for Climate Control
25th February 2021 Fujitsu News
5 reasons to choose a VRF system for your space

When it comes to choosing an air-conditioning system for your space and buildings, the options can be confusing. Everyone wants a heating and cooling solution that is effective and efficient – but what does that mean for different households? And what are the available options?


The Efficient Option for Climate Control

Let’s take a look at a VRF system: VRF (variable refrigerant flow) is an advanced HVAC system that can perform at a high capacity. Although these are typically associated with commercial buildings, such as hotels, hospitals, and offices, many people are now opting to install them in homes due to their superior energy efficiency.

What are the reasons behind this decision? There are 5 main ones:

  1. Easy Installation & Cost-Effective

Due to its compact design, installing a VRF system is easier and requires less physical effort than a traditional HVAC system. It requires less copper tubing and its control valves are less complex, both of which lead to reduced costs. Moreover, since multiple indoor units can be connected to one outdoor unit, this also saves space and maintenance costs on the outdoor unit.


  1. Flexible Design & Space Saver

Whether you require climate control for a small residence or a commercial high-rise building, a VRF system can be scaled accordingly due to its compactness and versatility, and can be customized to meet the specific demands of virtually any project. VRF technology also provides the ability for multiple indoor units to operate on the same system, making it the ideal solution for areas with limited space.


  1. Energy-saving & Efficiency

VRF systems operate only at the speed necessary to meet your needs, meaning that there is no energy wastage and increased efficiency when compared to a single split system. In fact, VRF systems can have up to 30% energy savings over conventional HVAC systems. Having such a sustainable system in place means lower energy bills and better care for the environment.


  1. Precise Temperature Control

VRF systems can either be a heat pump system or a heat recovery system, which provides simultaneous heating and cooling. Heat recovery VRF systems are extremely efficient as they are able to capture heat from a zone that requires cooling and reuse it in a zone that requires heating. The system can be connected to have individual controlling or centralised controlling, allowing for flexibility in temperature preferences.


  1. Reliability and Reduced Noise

VRF systems offer reliability because, should one indoor malfunction, this won’t affect the entire system, so the other units will continue working. Therefore, although all units belong to one system, they work independently of each other offering you peace of mind should one stop working for whatever reason. They are also extremely quiet, unlike some older HVAC systems.


It’s important to note that VRF installation should only be performed by professionals who are factory-trained and certified.


Making your choice

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