5 ways to improve the air quality inside your home

5 ways to improve the air quality inside your home
15th April 2021 Fujitsu News
5 ways to improve the air quality inside your home

Air pollution is a hazard that everyone is aware of; car exhaust, smog, smoke from factories – they all contribute to rising levels of air pollution that we live with. However, are we also aware about indoor air pollution, or do we think that once we’re indoors we’re safe from poor air quality?

Unfortunately, the quality of air indoors is often no better than what we breath in when we’re outside. The positive side is that we can actively improve our indoor air quality in a sustainable manner to ensure that we’re breathing in good, healthy air.

Here are 5 smart ways to improve your home’s indoor air quality and establish a healthy household.

  1. Choose an A/C with a good filtration system

Air-conditioners affect the air quality in a building, so it’s important to choose a reputable brand that offers a good filtration system that reduces airborne particles, such as dust and pollen. It’s worth investing in a high-quality air-conditioner to improve your home’s air quality since this is an appliance that is used regularly and not changed often. The best A/Cs are equipped with an additional ionizer that attracts airborne particles using an electric charge, which is very useful for people who suffer from respiratory issues, those living in areas of high pollution, and families with children, as the superior filtration system reduces irritants that provoke allergies.


  1. Control the humidity levels inside the home

Humidity is the cause of many air-related issues as the excess moisture breeds mould and mildew which contribute to poor indoor air quality. If mould is present in the house, it should be removed carefully with a damp cloth to avoid the spores scattering into the air. Once it’s cleaned, a reliable A/C system can help keep the problem under control through its dehumidifying features. Using the A/C regularly and keeping the unit cleaned and maintained will sort out any humidity issues without requiring any further input from your end.


  1. Replace or clean A/C filters regularly

Electronic equipment performs well when its regularly serviced and well-maintained. A/Cs especially require this level of attention since they tend to be used regularly and all year round. Their filtration systems do a great job at eliminating air pollutants from the home, but they need to be cleaned to ensure that the filters don’t get clogged. Cleaning the filters regularly means that the unit will always work to full capacity; however, it’s important that each unit is serviced by a professional on an annual basis. Keeping all A/C units clean and functioning properly helps to reduce indoor air pollutants, reduces the load on the A/C and saves you money on repairs or replacement.


  1. Improve air ventilation in the kitchen and bathroom

Kitchen appliances are one of the main contributors to poor indoor air quality, mostly due to the use of ovens and cookers which emanate airborne substances. Both gas and electric ovens release harmful contaminants, including carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, so it’s important that there is proper ventilation in the kitchen, either through an overhead ventilator or by opening a window while cooking. The bathroom is also responsible for contributing to poor air quality because of the moisture that tends to accumulate in the room. It’s important that the bathroom is well ventilated to avoid mould growing and spreading, and that the vents are cleaned and cleared from any debris regularly.


  1. Maintain general cleanliness around the house

Taking steps to keeping the air clean inside the home is very important for general health and wellbeing; however, it’s not only the air that needs to be clean. Maintaining a general level of cleanliness inside the house is important as pollutants can be found on all surfaces, so it’s important that they are removed on a regular basis. The basic weekly chores of changing the bedding, cleaning the bathrooms, washing the floors, and vacuuming any carpets or upholstery will help to maintain a healthy household.

A Healthy, Happy Home

Living in a clean environment is important for both physical and mental health and well-being. By choosing A/C systems that help to keep the air clean and establishing regular cleaning habits, you can breathe in cleaner and healthier air on a daily basis.


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