6 Benefits of a
Multi-Split System

6 Benefits of a
Multi-Split System
5th July 2021 Fujitsu News
Multi-split system

The heat in Malta can be overwhelming: with highs of up to 34°C in midsummer (which feels like 40°C), you need a robust air conditioning system that can keep up. Maltese homes are also not equipped for the cold winter months which is why you need to invest in an energy-efficient A/C system. With an efficient system in place, you can use the same equipment year-round; you simply need to change the mode setting according to the season.

A multi-split A/C system is the perfect solution for controlling the temperature in both residential and commercial spaces. Such spaces can include 2-3 bedroom homes, blocks of apartments, open plan spaces, retail stores, offices, hotels, and more.

But what is a multi-split A/C system?

This cooling system is a type of split air conditioner that lets you cool multiple rooms at a time. A multi-split air conditioner has between two to eight indoor units that are connected to one compressor. This is different from a split air conditioner, which only cools one room at a time.

So why should you opt for a multi-split system for your space?

We’ve compiled a list of the benefits you can expect when installing this air conditioning system.

  1. Wide variety of units 

There are multiple options for indoor units that you can connect to a multi-split system, such as wall-mounted, duct type, ceiling-mounted, floor-standing, and floor/ceiling-suspended dual types of multi-split AC systems. We can help you select the right combination of indoor units depending on what you need and the size of the rooms.

  1. Space-saving installation

If you have limited outdoor space, a multi-split system is perfect for you. This is because you will only need one outdoor unit that is compact and can be installed in narrow spaces. You can connect the outdoor unit to a maximum of 8 indoor units using up to 70m of piping.

  1. Quiet Operation

Thanks to its quiet operation, you and your neighbours won’t be disturbed by a multi-split air conditioning system. This is due to the compact outdoor system and silent ioniser filter. The air ioniser purifies the air by using an electric charge to attract airborne particles, which means that it is also beneficial for those suffering from respiratory issues and allergies.

  1. Powerful System

The system boasts optimised refrigerant control, which keeps stable, cool temperatures in closed areas. This means that it can reach your desired temperature fast and efficiently and maintain it to make sure you’re comfortable. Therefore, the system can cool large spaces.

  1. Energy Efficient 

One of the main benefits of a multi-split system is its energy efficiency, especially when operating at partial capacity. This is when A/C units are only switched on in rooms that are in use. It is equipped with a DC Inverter, which generates rotation using magnets and is more efficient than A/C motors. When the set temperature is reached, the DC Inverter reduces its capacity to maintain the room temperature, instead of switching on and off.

  1. Individual Control 

While the system can be set to either cooling or heating mode at a time, you can control each unit’s temperature and airflow volume by using its own remote.  This is ideal for family members or offices, as everyone can control the temperature in their space to meet their personal comfort levels.

VRF vs Multi-split Systems

The above benefits are also applicable to a VRF (variable refrigerant flow) system, which performs at high capacity.  Like a multi-split, this system also consists of an outdoor unit that you connect to several indoor units by piping. However, a VRF system is ideal for centralised control of room temperature and airflow volume, as well as the ability to set individual units to cool while simultaneously setting others to heat. This might be more suitable for apartment blocks or hotels, where people staying in different rooms or apartments might have different requirements. You can read more about VRF systems here if you think they are better suited for you.

Professional Installation 

At this point, you might ask: what about installation? Due to the ozone-depleting refrigerant gas used in multi-split systems, they must be installed by a licensed air conditioning installation professional.

You can view our range of multi-split systems here.

Make the best choice for your space

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