What is the Ideal Temperature for a Good Night’s Sleep?

What is the Ideal Temperature for a Good Night’s Sleep?
1st November 2021 Fujitsu Blog

A good night’s sleep is essential to set the tone for a productive day ahead and finding the ideal sleep temperature is crucial to ensure this. As we’re approaching the cold winter months those thick blankets and fuzzy socks might not always cut it, and that’s where your A/C comes to the rescue.

Sleeping in a cold room makes it harder to fall and stay asleep, disrupting your sleep cycle and leaving you fatigued throughout the day. So, what’s the ideal temperature for a good night’s sleep? And how can you keep your bedroom warm to feel the full effect of your A/C?

The Importance of Finding the Right Temperature

Finding the right temperature during the winter months is ideal for several reasons. Numerous health consequences can arise from sleeping in a room that is too cold, such as sleeping problems and vulnerability to viruses. Moreover, cold temperatures can lead to muscle pain, overeating and trouble focusing.

In order to ensure that your sleeping temperatures are optimal, experts suggest a temperature between 18-20°C. It is also suggested to keep A/C fan speeds at medium or low. This is because at these levels, warm air can be circulated around the room without creating a draft.

Not to worry if your room is on the larger side, take a look at this guide to choosing an A/C for a large space.

Tips for Keeping your Bedroom Warm


  1. Set your air conditioning to heating

Setting your A/C to heating is a great way to get the room all nice and toasty as you’re trying to sleep. Some A/C units are able to self-regulate according to the room’s atmosphere, ensuring the room is always at optimal temperature. Considering investing in an A/C? Here’s our guide for first time buyers.


  1. Have a warm drink before bed

Having a warm drink before bed has been seen to increase your body’s core temperature. Try a soothing chamomile tea to help you get a better sleep too.


  1. Get the furry pajamas out

Who doesn’t love looking like a marshmallow as they head to bed? It’s time to listen to the rain in your wooliest pajamas, whilst taking cover under your thickest blanket of course.


  1. Keep your blinds open

Keeping your blinds open during the day helps heat build up and is a cost-effective way to keep your space warm


  1. Make use of rugs and carpets

Rugs and carpets add a layer of insulation to the floor, keeping cool air from seeping out and into the room. A bonus is that they help keep your feet nice and warm when on them.

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