The Environmental & Economical Benefits of an A/C Unit

The Environmental & Economical Benefits of an A/C Unit
4th January 2022 Fujitsu Blog

In a time where we are constantly hearing about the dangers of climate change, and cost of living being at an all time high, using your energy efficiently has never been more important.

You might be asking yourself what exactly is energy efficiency? Why is being energy efficient so important? And how can Fujitsu help your household become more energy efficient? This blog post aims to answer these questions and equip you with the knowledge needed to live an energy efficient lifestyle.

What is Energy Efficiency?

Whereas energy conservation deals with performing less activities that utilise energy, such as driving less, energy efficiency deals with utilising energy in a smart way. Energy efficiency makes use of modern technology to minimise energy waste, meaning that you can still carry out your activities, but you use less energy to do so.

A/C unit energy consumption is measured in Kilowatt hour (kWh). 1 Kilowatt hour is the amount of energy it takes to run a 1,000-Watt (1kWh) appliance for 1 hour. Choosing an energy efficient unit is essential for any household. But why is opting for an energy efficient model so important?

The Importance of Energy Efficiency

The benefits of using an energy efficient A/C model can be summed up in two main categories, environmental and economical.

When it comes to environmental benefits, opting for an energy efficient unit reduces the greenhouse gases your household emits, thus decreasing your carbon footprint. When investing in energy efficient consumption, a household can lower its energy use by 25-30%, thus helping people live longer, healthier lives.

As for economical benefits, investing in an energy efficient A/C can help lower utility bills.  Energy efficient units allow you to cut costs by using less energy, without compromising on quality. Making use of energy efficient appliances can save you up to 30% on your utility bills.

Fujitsu Prioritises Energy Efficiency

Fujitsu manufacture some of the most efficient units in the market. Fujitsu have a range of units that prioritise energy efficiency. Some of the most popular wall-mounted units are the Eco Range, the Standard-Silent Models, and the Silent KETA Models.

Fujitsu’s Eco Range models are designed to be highly efficient and compact. Their rapid cooling and heating capabilities allow for maximum comfort. The Eco Range start from 131 kWh/A.

The Standard-Silent models, and the Silent KETA Models ensure maximum comfort airflow, whilst making use of low noise technology. The models start from 118 kWh/A and 95kWh/A respectively.

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