Persistence and Consistency – The Story Behind Able Ltd

Persistence and Consistency – The Story Behind Able Ltd
29th November 2022 Fujitsu Blog

Able Ltd is the sole importer of Fujitsu air-conditioners in Malta & Gozo. Having recently celebrated its 16th anniversary, the founder and director Jethro Cuschieri shared some insights into the story behind the business.


When did you decide to launch Able Ltd?

“After studying air-conditioning for 4 years at the technical institute, and graduating, I began freelancing in the air-conditioning sector, sales and installation. Having gained indispensable knowledge from a number of years on the job, I decided to take the risk and open my own company, and Able Ltd was born in 2006. However, it wasn’t until 2009 that Able Ltd started importing Fujitsu air-conditioners and became the sole importers of the air-conditioning brand on the island.

As the company and the team grew, we moved our showroom to accommodate our expanding team and client database. We moved from our premises in Mosta to our new showroom in Mrieħel in 2020.”


What made Fujitsu the brand of choice?

“Having acquired an in-depth and passionate knowledge about air-conditioners, quality played a big part in my decision when choosing a brand. I wanted to import the best quality products for my clients, ensuring that it was a brand I was proud to sell and a brand which our clients were proud to own.

Although Able Ltd was a relatively small player in the market back in 2009, our specialization and expertise in the field, our detail orientation, and our efforts to provide excellent customer service allowed the company to build trust with Fujitsu International, leading them to choose us as the brand’s sole importers for air-conditioning.”


What was the reason behind the name choice? 

“At the time there wasn’t Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as we know it today. People mainly relied on directory magazines to find out about and contact companies. With this in mind, I wanted a name that would be at the top of its section list, meaning a name that started with the letter ‘A’.

After a few brainstorming sessions, I was running ideas by a friend. He told me not to stress and that with my expertise in the area, I would be more than able to get through every obstacle. His advice clearly stuck with me because the name Able came about after that conversation.”


What is your biggest achievement so far in the business?

“Since Able’s fruition, every era has brought about different moments of pride and satisfaction. I can however say that two factors stick out the most. Firstly, importing Fujitsu and watching the brand evolve over the last 13 years is something I will continuously be proud of, given that it is a brand that aligns with my personal and company values. Secondly, I am beyond proud of the team here at Able. There’s only so much a person can do alone, and my team helped me take Able from good to great. Each milestone is thanks to our understanding and trust in one another and our combined effort to help grow and strengthen the business.”


What are the core values of the company?

“Able Ltd strives to provide top-notch service that guarantees satisfaction and peace of mind for all customers looking to buy an A/C system. Our friendly team works tirelessly to ensure clients’ expectations are not only met but exceeded.

We believe in providing the best quality products and information, pairing clients with a unit that works for them. We’re always looking to keep expanding and reaching new horizons, and this can only be done through the team spirit we’ve built here at Able Ltd, our home away from home.”


Where do you see the company going in five years?

“As people become even more aware of the importance of sustainability and energy efficiency, Able Ltd is determined to continue to educate clients on the benefits that investing in Fujitsu air-conditioning can bring. Able is always looking to better our processes to increase customer experience and strive for improved sustainability. We plan to keep building on our strengths whilst identifying new opportunities.”


Which project was your favourite to work on?

“All the projects we have managed are valid in their own right, as each of them bring about new challenges and opportunities to learn. The project that stands out is a VRF installation we carried out for a winery in Siġġiewi. What made the project memorable was its complexity.

The challenge here was that the VRF units needed to be entirely concealed, meaning that piping had to be installed before the walls were completely built. This meant that we needed to work hand in hand with all the project stakeholders, including the contractor and project manager. Seeing the project come together and exceeding the expectations of the client was worth all the challenges in the end.”


What should someone consider when choosing an A/C?

“There are many factors that one should consider when looking to invest in an air-conditioning unit, but these factors shouldn’t be left to the client. The appointed service provider should bear the responsibility of ensuring that the right A/C unit is recommended and that it meets all customer needs and requirements.

One of the factors we look out for when recommending an A/C system is the person’s lifestyle. Are they at home all day and need an A/C running constantly? Do they need the unit to cool or warm up the room as soon as they come home in a matter of minutes? Do they struggle to get to sleep with excess noise and therefore require a more silent A/C unit? All these questions, and more, are taken into consideration when guiding a client to choose the best A/C system for them.”


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