What is Euro-vent Certification and why is it important?

What is Euro-vent Certification and why is it important?
3rd July 2019 Fujitsu News

Malta is blessed with almost 300 days of sunshine per year. This means that our summer starts quite early and ends later during the year. An air conditioning system has almost become a necessity rather than a luxury these days.

In fact the task of choosing the right air-conditioning system for your property may be confusing especially for those who are not very knowledgeable on the subject. One fool-proof way of knowing you are going for the most energy-efficient and reliable system is verifying that the unit is Euro-vent certified.

What is Euro-vent?

Euro-vent is the European Committee of Manufacturers of Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Industrial Heating and Ventilation, and Air Handling equipment in Europe. One of Euro-vent’s main targets is to develop the certification programmes that cover the vast majority of all the equipment used in air conditioning and refrigerating systems.

So why is it important for your air conditioning system to have a Euro-vent Certification?

1.Guaranteed quality

Choosing an air-conditioning unit that is certified by a renowned third-body entity guarantees the best quality air conditioning system and maximum energy-efficiency. Products are rigorously tested, in accordance with design and technical specifications, before being awarded this certification and independent laboratory tests are carried out to ensure supreme quality assurance.

2. Energy Efficiency is key

When choosing a Euro-vent certified product, you can rest assured that you are purchasing the most energy-efficient product available. The Euro-Vent certifying body have done all the research, testing and checks for you so you don’t need to worry about whether the product is as efficient as could be. This means that you can relax knowing that you are getting the best quality and saving on energy costs.

3. Reliability 

Choosing an air-conditioning unit that is Euro-vent certified means that your air-conditioning unit will require the least maintenance possible due to the fact that it is certified to the highest industry standards.

How do you recognise a Euro-vent certified product?

Products with the Euro-vent certification can be identified by means of a certification symbol. The certification symbol should be accompanied by the phrase: ‘The Company participates in the Euro-vent Certification Programme. The products correspond to those listed in the Euro-vent Product Directory.”

What are the characteristics of a certified air conditioning unit?

  • Filter class: M5, M6, F7 to F9.
  • Initial pressure drop in 0 Pa, measured according to EN779:2012.
  • Initial Efficiency according to EN779:2012 (for F7 to F9 filters only).
  • Minimum Efficiency according to EN779:2012 Clause 11 (for F7 to F9 filters only).
  • Energy Efficiency Class according to Eurovent Document 4/01/001-2015 (for filters with a nominal flow rate of 0.944 m3/s (3400 m3/h) only.
  • Annual energy consumption according to Eurovent Document 4/21-2014 (for filters with a nominal flow rate of 0.944 m3/s (3400 m3/h) only. From 2014

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