5 reasons to turn your air-conditioning on this winter

5 reasons to turn your air-conditioning on this winter
8th January 2019 Fujitsu News
5 reasons to turn your air-conditioning on this winter

Baby it’s cold outside. Let’s face it, in Malta when it gets cold, it gets COLD. The kind of cold that you feel in your bones and since it is only cold for around 3 months throughout a whole year, we are not really geared up for it, both in the physical and psychological sense.

Whilst psychologically we may not be able to help much, we can help keep your home warm. The great thing about using an A/C to warm your home is that you are using the same equipment that you use in summer; you simply need to change the mode setting. Moreover, even though many are under the wrong impression that heating a room using an air-conditioning unit is more costly than other heating devices such as gas heaters, it is the opposite. According to a recent study here in Malta it is actually cheaper to heat a home using air-conditioning than it is using gas heaters.

But energy-efficiency is not the only reason you are better off turning the A/C on in your home. We have listed 5 reasons to turn on your air-conditioning unit this winter:

1. Air quality

Air-conditioning units don’t emit any fumes or foul smells. Other heating options such as gas heaters and fireplaces, produce nitrogen dioxide, an odorless gas which can irritate the eyes, throat and nose and can also trigger asthma attacks in people susceptible to the condition. Moreover poorly installed units can also have fatal consequences like Carbon Monoxide poisoning as reported by the NHS.

2. Safety

There are two main factors that contribute to the fact that A/Cs are safer to use for heating a home. One of them is the fact that gas heaters and other heating devices are normally within reach of young children and there is the danger of accidents. Secondly, whereas air-conditioning units can be set to switch off by a certain time, other heating devices like gas heaters require manual intervention to control the level of heat in the area.

3. Humidity control 

Did you know that an air-conditioning unit also serves as a dehumidifier? With humidity levels in Malta reaching a high of almost 80% during the cold winter months, air-conditioning units’ dehumidifying effect is surely a welcome perk of using them to heat our homes. Quality air-conditioners heat and dehumidify simultaneously leaving the air drier and more beneficial to anyone, especially those with health problems such as arthritis.

4. Convenience

Using an air-conditioning unit to heat our homes in winter is also super convenient as we do not need to carry any additional equipment like gas heaters and all it takes is to simply maintain the cleanliness of the filters and you are good to go. Once installed, air-conditioners are simple to use with heating available at a touch of a button with adjustable fans and temperatures.

5. Energy efficiency

As mentioned earlier, quality air-conditioning systems offer a unique system featuring a human sensor that senses people’s movements, operating with lower capacity when people leave the room and a higher capacity when people are back in the space thus maximizing efficiency and minimizing cost

Making your choice

If you’re seeking to make your home a haven and provide cleaner air for your family, we’re happy to help you choose the best air-conditioning unit for your requirements. We stock Fujitsu air-conditioning units, a brand with a 10-year track record of winning international awards for design, customer satisfaction, and product performance and efficiency.

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